frequently asked questions

FAQsThank you for three years of business! As of June 28, 2015, the Marcus Lindsey is no longer booking events. For further information, please see our homepage.

The Marcus Lindsey is one of the most versatile event spaces in the city, whether you’re looking for a large indoor space, a smaller, more intimate space, or beautifully appointed outdoor space.

From concerts and music rehearsals to banquets and award ceremonies, weddings, garden parties, dance classes, mediation meetings, conferences, corporate gatherings, anniversaries, and more, the diverse space accompanied by the availability of comprehensive amenities allows our guests a remarkable range of opportunities.

For this reason, we often field a wide range of questions about what’s possible. The following represents the most common enquiries and we encourage you to read through them to see if they address your particular situation. If not, we’re always delighted to communicate with you personally by phone or email, or, better yet, to meet you in person to show you the building itself.

At any point, if you need immediate or specific information, please refer to our Terms and Guidelines.

Can the Marcus Lindsey be used for both weddings and receptions?
The facility can host both weddings and receptions in any of its spaces . . . or a combination thereof. Please check our Pricing section for special rates on combined-space rates.

What are the maximum capacities of the spaces?
That depends. Strictly technically speaking, per fire code, we can accommodate 226 in the Sanctuary and 50 in the Sacristy. However, let’s take a wedding reception as an example. You have a seated dinner utilizing our 60″ round tables. These seat eight, comfortably, ten if you are close friends. Then, add buffet tables for your meal or appetizers, a dance floor, possibly a gift table or two, maybe an extra bar or two, and then there’s the band or a DJ. We have found that the most comfortable number of seated guests for this scenario is about 150. Yes, we’ve had more, but we want you, your guests and your vendors to be comfortable and happy. You may wish to inquire with a party or wedding planner. Blank diagrams of the space are available. Parties and banquets with LESS setup than the above certainly may be able to accommodate more guests comfortably.

The Gardens comfortably accommodate 250 for a standing reception, 200 for a seated ceremony, and 150 for a seated banquet. In inclement weather, and with permission of the event director, a tent may be utilized. However, due to the delicate nature of the garden and its irrigation system, this may only be through our preferred tent vendor who is familiar with the property. Also, keep in mind tenting will reduce the number you are able to accommodate by about one-third.

When can I tour the venue?
Of course! We look forward to meeting you. All tours are by appointment.

Can I bring in an outside caterer?
No. The Marcus Lindsey has hand-selected some of Louisville’s top catering companies from which the client is required to choose. We are certain you will be very pleased with our list and will find one agreeable to both your budget and your palate. Bon Appétit!

Is liquor permitted?
Yes, with proper liability coverage provided to the Marcus Lindsey by your caterer or bar service provider. No one but a licensed caterer or bartender is permitted serve, pour or prepare alcoholic beverages. By law, alcoholic beverages must remain within the properties limits and are not permitted on public walkways, streets, etc.

Who is responsible for clean up?
You and your catering staff. Please see our Terms and Guidelines page for further details.

What is included in the rental fee?
Your rental fee includes use of the facilities by you and / or your caterer during your contract hours; our inventory of tables and chairs; the Roland Digital Grand Piano; and Marcus Lindsey staff to oversee the facility. Please note, staff is on site to answer questions and oversee the well-being of the facility. They are not a engaged in party planning activities. We can provide recommendations of some fantastic planners, however!

Your menu, bar, linens, flatware, and other equipment must be arranged through your caterer. There are 200 wooden folding chairs; 25 60″ round tables (seating 8–10 each); eight cocktail / bistro tables; and 4 48″x72″ banquet tables available for use. Sanctuary weddings include DAY use of the Sacristy at no additional charge.

What about setup/take-down of tables and chairs?
Tables and chairs must be set up, moved and taken down by either your caterer or the Marcus Lindsey’s contracted agent (at an additional, nominal charge). For your safety, there are no exceptions to this rule,

Can I get in early to set up?

Event setup must begin at your contract start time. As one example, if you have rented space for ten hours, and you want your party to last until 11PM, you may have the property at 2PM. Music stops and guests depart at 11PM with clean up and tear down complete by midnight. Extra hours for setup may be purchased, as available, as late as two weeks prior to the start of the event, and, subject to availability.

Can I purchase additional hours for my event?
Yes. Additional time may be purchased per hour, paid in advance, subject to availability. See above.

What about decorations?
Decorations not affixed to any structural portion of the properties are permitted. Due to the historical nature of the property, open flames are not permitted indoors. Clean-up and removal of all decor and debris are the sole responsibility of the client or their caterer. Please see Terms and Guidelines for further details. By the way, there are some amazing flameless candles on the market. More and more facilities are utilizing them and you can scarcely tell the difference. For example, see SmartCandle at

How far in advance can I book an event?
Please inquire with our event director. Currently booking through May of 2015.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Checks, cash, Paypal and credit card payments through Paypal are accepted. We do not accept credit cards outside of Paypal.

Do I need a Paypal account to pay by credit card?
No. You do, however, need computer access and a valid email address for invoicing and payment.

Do you have audiovisual equipment?
No, but we do have audiovisual specialists who are familiar with our facilities and whom we recommend to our clients.

What about the baby grand piano?
Several excellent pianists have given it a thumbs-up on the sound of this digital piano. It looks just like a baby grand, but in addition to the ability to be played in the traditional manner, the Roland Digital Grand Piano is capable of accommodating a flash drive, iPod, or wired-microphone hookups, and can play any music of your choice. The piano may not be moved, nor can anything (i.e. cake, drinks, gifts, etc.) be placed upon it at any time. The piano is available to clients at no charge.