CateringThank you for three years of business! As of June 28, 2015, The Marcus Lindsey is no longer booking events. Please see our homepage for further information.

The Marcus Lindsey has a superb list of Louisville’s top restaurants, bartending services, and caterers from which our clients are required to choose.

Bristol Catering |
502 584.0527 

The Catering Company |
502 243.0000 (weddings) (corporate)

Ladyfingers Catering |
502 245.7734
Deborah L. Lowery2-245-7734

Lilly’s |
502 451.0447
Kathy Cary

Masterson’s |
502 636.2511

That Place on Goss Catering |
502 637.4878

The Mayan Cafe |
502 566.0651

Mirabelle Gourmet Catering |
502 533.5264

Heitzman (bakery AND catering) |
502 426.7736

Wiltshire Pantry |
502 581.8560

Professional Bar Service |
Amy Steinbach
502 533.3276 or 502 241.0509

Our preferred caterers have proof of liability insurance on file with the The Marcus Lindsey and may serve alcohol. No one other than licensed caterers or bar services personnel may pour, prepare or serve alcohol. Alcoholic beverages must remain on premises.

For your convenience, preparation facilities are available for your caterer.

The Marcus Lindsey reserves the right to terminate alcoholic beverage service at any time if our policies are being abused or State and / or Federal liquor laws are being violated.

Please contact with further questions.