PhotographyThank you for three years of business! As of June 28, 2015, the Marcus Lindsey will no longer be booking events. Please see our homepage for further information.

There’s only one way to do justice to your special events such as weddings, family reunions, and all other custom events that require the preservation of great memories —capture them with photographs. And there’s perhaps no more unique a venue within which to do that than the Marcus Lindsey.

You should never settle for the “norm” on any shoot. When you find the right photographer, you’ll find someone who will give his or her best in capturing those precious and treasured moments. And don’t settle for just beautiful images — find someone who has the ability to preserve an amazing experience. Good photographers are only as good as their last event and they should shoot every event with the same passion, expertise, and professionalism.

Find a photographer who seeks to strike a balance between being as unobtrusive as possible while still imparting an extensive experience so that your time is absolutely maximized.

At the Marcus Lindsey we are passionate about providing beautiful settings and we believe the photography you select should match it. We consider it a very special privilege to be able to share in a couple’s wedding day and imagine no greater joy than to see their reaction on receiving a stunning wedding portrait and album.

The following are companies and individuals we feel share our pursuit of excellence:

Monarch Photography |
502 641.0744

Bella Grace Studios |
502 592.5671

Melissa Mann Photography |
502 387.2230

Spry Media |
502 572.4492

Todd Pellowe |

Whitney Rae Photography |
502 552.9878 

Magnolia Photo Booth |
502 930.0043

John Fitzgerald / Fitzio |
502 454.7204

MP Videos |
502 291.9747

Manis Productions |
270 300.3785 

Reel Special Productions |
859 221.3885