The Gardens

The GardensThank you for three years of business! As of June 28, 2015, the Marcus Lindsey will no longer be booking events. Please see our homepage for further information.

You’ll gasp when you first experience this quarter-acre, elegant, professionally designed and landscaped garden in the very heart of NuLu.

Discreetly hidden by high-quality wooden and iron fencing, it’s an oasis lying just a few hundred yards from the city’s vibrant dining scene and nestled among the gorgeous rehabbed Washington Street Victorian homes in Butchertown.

With the sight of a beautiful water feature in the background, a large contemporary covered pergola, and abundant lush, colorful flora, Gavin’s Garden — its formal name — is an idyllic space for an outdoor event such as a wedding, a lawn party, or even a concert.

Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in the Gardens and then move to the Sanctuary with their guests for the rest of the evening; many, however, also take advantage of both spaces, enjoying the benefits of a unique and memorable moonlit experience too.

The Gardens comfortably accommodate 250 for a standing reception, 200 for a seated ceremony, and 150 for a seated banquet. Generally speaking, the gardens are available from April through November. Please inquire as to exceptions.

Please view our Gallery for pictures of this enchanting space.

Please contact with further questions.